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A Fresh View on Home Network (in)Security

Let’s talk about home network security. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the security of the private home LAN. In this post, we will shatter the security myth and demonstrate how IoT devices are easily hackable even when they reside in the allegedly secure home LAN.

Router is not a guardwall

There is a persistent myth that some router features, such as the Network Address Translation (NAT), provide security. However, the assumption that devices inside the private network are not directly accessible to the outside world is simply erroneous.

The NAT was invented almost 20 years ago to solve the depletion of public IPv4 addresses. The creation of the NAT allowed for more people and devices to be

The Illusion of Security By Design

Security by design, an approach that seeks to make systems free from vulnerabilities during product design, is gaining popularity in the IoT world. Setting a strong security foundation and designing for privacy is necessary. However, this is just the first step towards achieving viable, long-lasting protection; even the most robust penetration testing regime does not help adapt to unknown attack vectors. In a world of an ever-changing IoT threat landscape, “security by design” is just the tip of the iceberg.

The next level of IoT security requires automatic and large scale detection and action against security compromises. A change of thought is required: security is a continuous effort, rather than a one-time mission during the system design.

Winning the attacker-defender

The Story of Firedome

We are Firedome, and earlier this year we embarked on a mission to spread security across the home IoT industry. Over the last few years, this industry has been rapidly assimilated into our lives with very little security in mind.

The IoT revolution is here, and there is no doubt the fountain of interconnectivity is making our lives easier. It helps our day to day be more efficient, from controlling our home without getting off the couch to shopping using merely our voice to remotely opening our home lock when we forget the keys at work (again). Let’s face it - IoT makes our lives a dream.
But what happens when things go south? When a burglar remotely opens